The Best Prank App ~ Nomao Camera Application

There are thousands of apps available in Play Store and iTunes that you can download. Some of them are built to help your daily activity, to be your lifestyle, and to prank others of course. Well, I think you will opt for the last choice. I would like to introduce you the Nomao camera app which will be your new fun.

The Nomao camera app is a prank app that let you see an invisible thing behind the object. The procedure is simple. Just adjust the brightness in maximum level and target your object. Capture it and you will see an interesting secret behind it. Well, most guys use it to prank the girls and friends. You must love this very much.

Can I Download the Application on My Device?

The luckiest thing you will love is this app can run on iOS and Android devices. But you have to underline one thing! This is an app that is built from a third party so you will not find it on the iTunes or the Google Play. To enable you downloading the app make sure you do this.

  • Go to Settings —> Security
  • As you find it, scroll a bit until you find the “Unknown sources“. Just enable the button to let you run the application outside the official application store for your operating system.

How to Download Nomao App for Android

Well, underline this words “You will not find the apk file in Google Play Store!” All you need to do is going to the Nomao official sites so you can get the file.

  • Use a PC or a Laptop, then copy it to your device.
  • Once you have done, run the file and follow the procedures on the screen.

How to Download Nomao App for iOS

  • The iOS device has the same thing. You cannot find it on the iTunes. Once you have enabled the “Unknown sources”, go to the Nomao app sites to get the app file.
  • Use a laptop or a PC to download the file, after that, run it on your device. If you are finished, adjust the setting and now you are ready to enjoy the app.


I think you should be careful about the app because this can come to be the dangerous think for kids. They should play this app with parents guide or just don’t let them download and use it to prank their friend. It will lead to certain bullied cases.

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