This Is The Best Way to Prank Your Friend with Nomao Camera App

What else you can expect when you have a smartphone except for the camera apps. You probably wish an app that can conceal your flaws, but we think you need something Brandnew like to be able to see invisible things. Is it possible? Well, maybe the Nomao Camera app is the answer.

This Is The Best Way to Prank Your Friend with Nomao Camera App

If you wish to prank your friends, this application should be very fun! Why? You can see items behind the particular object. Interested?

Even though it is sounded little bit impossible, we are sure you will eager to download it. It is so lucky to have the application matches for iOS and Android device.

One thing that should be remembered for Android users, you cannot download the Nomao Camera app in Play store. You should enable the “unknown source” setting on the device to allow you download the application from the third party. If you don’t do this step, Play Store will block your act since it comes from outside source.

Follow the procedures bellow for setting it:

  • You could simply scroll to the “security options” in your device setting.
  • Click the “Enable” button once you find the “Unknown source” to make a good move.

How to install the Nomao Camera App on Android

  • Click the link of Nomao Apk which will allow your device to install it directly.
  • Click the Normal Download button
  • Install the Nomao App and enjoy the feature available.

How to install the Nomao Camera App on your iPhone

There is no different procedure on installing the Nomao Camera app on the iOS device. Here are steps you need to do:

  • Go to iTunes to download the app for iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the “Install” button to download the app directly
  • Remember, you don’t need to jailbreak the phone. Don’t worry!
  • Open the Nomao app to run it on your device.

How toUse the Nomao Camera App properly

Using the Nomao Camera app is no different than other prank apps. Just keep in mind you are not with anyone during operating this app, or someone will interrupt you!

  • Check if the smartphone brightness is at maximum level. This is purposed to let you see things behind the picture of someone.
  • Click the pic of known person and forward your friend with the original pic. After that, forward pic that is taken using the Nomao Camera to prank your friend.

Some guys love to use this app just for having fun. They prank their friend during a lecture by taking the most beautiful pic of a girl in the class and make a joke with what happens behind the object. You need to be careful though!

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