How to Download Nomao Camera App for iOS and Android

If you are an ignorant person, the Nomao camera app will be your best friend. You can prank your girlfriend, boy friend or your friends you hate with this app. Why? This is an amazing app which can reveal an item behind an object you are purposing to capture. Isn’t that great?

Download Nomao Camera App for iOS and Android

Luckily, this application is now available for both Android or iOS devices. This applies different procedure though. So, you have to follow the following steps bellow:

Downloading Nomao App for Android

You will need the Nomao app file to install the app directly on your device. Some people find errors during the installation because they do the wrong procedures. Firstly, make sure that you this application comes from the third party which means you need to enable the “Unknown source”. Don’t worry! I have checked this app! It is safe for my phone. To enable this feature, make sure you do the following step:

  • Go to “Setting” and tap “Security
  • Right under the “Security” option, you should find the “Unknown source
  • Enable it as you find it
  • Next, after enabling the “unknown source”, you can download the Nomao Camera app for Android.
  • Use a PC/laptop to download the file, and copy it to the internal memory of the phone.
  • Open the Nomao camera app then run it on the device.

How to Download Nomao Camera on iOS Device

Keep in mind that downloading the app for Android and iOs will be different. Even though it is a third party app, many people including iOS user are very curious to download it. Maybe because of its fun. Yap! As a prank app, this Nomao camera is the best option.

Download Nomao Camera App for iOS and Android

In fact, there is no official link of Nomao app for the iOS device. So, the first thing to do is installing IPA file. It is created by Nomao app developers. After that, you can download it.

  • Download the app using your laptop or PC (Download Nomao App Camera for IOS)
  • Copy the file to your device
  • Tap it twice so you will run the app and follow the instruction on the screen.

If you find a problem during and after installation, never hesitated to contact the Nomao camera support. They will help you to fix the problem. Always stay updated to make sure that you have the latest version of the apps. The last, avoid the app from kids, it is suggested only for adults. Beware with your kids so they will not play your phone.

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