What Makes the Nomao Camera App Interesting?

The Nomao app is taking the internet by storm. If you haven’t heard about it yet, this is an app that will enable you to see an item behind the object you capture. Well, you might imagine how it looks when you do this to people. It must be a perfect prank! Especially for your girlfriend.

What Makes the Nomao Camera App Interesting?

Anyway, the Nomao camera app has been available for such a long time ago. I heard it from a friend, so I try to download it and see something fun as I play it. Let’s take a look at my finding.

Nomao Camera App Feature

  • A camera app that enables you to see an invisible thing behind an object you capture. In case you spot it on certain brightness.
  • Runs for both iOS and Android devices.

Well, are you interesting enough to know more about this application? Me too at the first time I heard it. Keep in mind that this is an application that comes from the third party, so you will need an app file that is created by the developer. You can go to the official site at https://nomaoapp.us

One thing that you should underline is enabling the “unknown source”. This feature will allow the third party application to be run on your device. Just go to the Setting >> Security >> “Unknown Source“. You should find it there on your device.


Unfortunately, this application is not suitable for kids. So, beware of it since they can use it for bad purposes.Watch your phone everytime you have it running on yours.

How to Use the Nomao Camera App?

Well, make sure that your have your phone set to the right brightness. By this way, you can see the invisible object behind the target. Just underline that this application is made just for fun. You might have the greatest prank ever.

How to Download the Nomao Camera App for Android?

  • Choose the right apk file, and download it using your laptop.
  • Copy it to your Android device and run it. Make sure you follow the instruction available on the screen.
  • The installation will take minutes to be ready. Be patient.

How to Download Nomao Camera App for iOS?

Here are the steps for how to download the nomao camera app

  • The process of downloading the Nomao app is different for the iOS device.
  • You need to visit the iTunes to get the APK file and download it using the PC or Laptop
  • Copy it and move it to your device and run it.
  • Follow the step then you are ready to prank your friends!

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